Meet the team

Martin Hopewell

Martin is a also a director and came up with the idea for Right Track about 8 years ago and got funding to set the project up.


Martin has spoken at lots of conferences and does a lot of training and workshops with Right Track.He says one of his best experiences was talking to the Joint Committee on Human Rights at the House of Lords. In his spare time he supports Arsenal, tells jokes (arrrrgh!!) and bakes cakes.



Amelia Hopewell

Amelia is married to Martin and has also been a volunteer since we first started planning Right Track.



Amelia gets involved in meetings and training and supports Martin to manage his diary (and remember his glasses and phone!).

In her spare time she also supports Arsenal, ignores Martin's jokes, gets her teeth into really difficult jigsaw puzzles and enjoys baking.



Denise Pitcher

Denise has been a volunteer with Right Track for about 4 years and is involved with lots of different things. 



She led the My Place project where she interviewed people about supported living. She is now finding out what people think about their care for another Right Track project called 'Check it Out!'. Denise recently became a director of Right Track and is enjoying this new role.

Wayne Johnson

Wayne first got involved with Right Track a couple of years ago when we were looking for people who wanted to set up a community cafe in Houghton Regis.


Wayne was involved in all the planning for the HUB Cafe and is a key member of the team. He recently became a director and has represented Right Track at meetings and interviews for Central Bedfordshire Council.

Teresa Ring

We cannot talk about the Right Track team without mentioning Teresa who sadly died in 2014. Teresa was there right from our launch in 2006.


She was one of our 2 directors when Right Track became a company in 2011. She will always be an important part of Right Track's history and the things we are doing now.


The Hub Cafe is now a seperate company and not part of Right Track. We wish them lots of luck for the future!





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